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The termcard for Lent 2021 is below.

Michaelmas 2020 Termcard
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If you are interested in the topics covered during previous terms, please find the termcards for Michaelmas 2019, ,Lent 2019, Michaelmas 2018, Lent 2018, Michaelmas 2017, Lent 2017, Lent 2016 and Michaelmas 2015.
Lord Martin Rees talk Photo of Andromeda galaxy by James Rawson
Talks Observing
Garden party 2018 Northumberland Telescope
Socials Telescopes

Astronomical Events

Speaker Meetings / Talks

We invite a variety of people working in astronomy to give talks to the society. The topics are taken from a wide range of areas, from pure astrophysics to the history of astronomy, observing, and much more. Talks are generally about an hour long, including questions to the speaker, and are followed by casual conversation over refreshments. Talks cost £2 or are free to members.


ObsNights (weather permitting) are held at the Institute of Astronomy and combine both tips on practical astronomy with observing at the telescopes.


These are given by the Observation Secretaries and are intended to show members how to use the telescopes safely. See the Observing section for more details.

Astronomical events are free to members. Only members can attend ObsDemos.

Social events

The main social events are the Annual Dinner in Lent and the Garden Party in Easter. There is also a squash at the beginning of the academic year and quiz nights throughout the year. Depending on the level of interest, we organise pub meets and/or lunches. If you have any ideas for socials, please contact the Chair.