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Founded in 1942, CUAS has a long and interesting history. Throughout the years, many famous astronomers have been associated with our society and indeed many CUAS members have become distinguished astronomers themselves. This website is part of an ongoing project to preserve the large archive of historic material of the society (mostly letters, event descriptions, observation records) and allow current members to enjoy and learn about the CUAS heritage.

Past Committees


Chairman: S. Fu
Secretary: Li X.
Treasurer: A. Sellek
Obs. Secretary: J. Xiao
Obs. Secretary: H. Metrebian
Obs. Secretary: H. Rendell
Events Officer: S. Baldwin
Memb Sec/Webmaster: Z. Wang


Chairman: A. Sellek
Secretary: H. Piatkowska
Treasurer: X. Lin
Obs. Secretary: J. Xiao
General Member: P. Gupta


Chairman: V. Perovic
Secretary: M. Brockwell
Treasurer/Webofficer: J. Piotrowska
Obs. Secretary: J. Xiao
Obs. Secretary: F. Agocs
Obs. Secretary: S. An
Events Officer: P. Kosec


Chairman: S. Fort
Secretary/Webofficer: Alex van der Wateren
Treasurer: S. Guggiari
Memb. Secr.: Matthew Bayliss
Obs. Secretary: R. Nezic
Events Officer: Nicola Papastavrou-Brooks


Chairman: O. Pambos
Co-Chair: S. Guggiari
Secretary: S. Bosman
Treasurer: I. Banik
Memb. Secr.: S. Arshad
Obs. Secretary: R. Nezic
Webmaster: A. van der Wateren
J. Harrison


Chairman: P. Hatfield
Secretary: J. Harrison
Treasurer: S. Bosman
Obs. Secretary: R. Nezic
Webmaster: J. Hu
Memb. Secretary: S. Guggiari


Chairman: S. Bosman
Secretary: C. Draper
Treasurer: P. Hatfield
Obs. Secretary: N. Booker


Chairman: S. White
Secretary: M. Backens
Treasurer: I. Steafan
Obs. Secretary: A. Buell
General Member: P. Dumitrescu


Chairman: P. Dumitrescu
Secretary: D. Tommei
Treasurer: I. Stefan
Obs. Secretary: O. Knevitt
Obs. Secretary: O. Strickson
Membership Secretary: M. Backens
Publications Secretary: S. White
Social Secretary: G. James


Chairman: G. James
Secretary: P. Dumitrescu
Treasurer: J. Luk
Obs. Secretary: Y. Bahe
Obs. Secretary: A. Waddell
Membership Secretary: I. Stefan
Publications Secretary: Y. Wan
Social Secretary: R. Zhao
Freshers Officer: S. White
Webmaster: M. Backens


Chairman: A. Waddell
Secretary: W. Szlachta
Treasurer: M. Lakin
Obs. Secretary: Y. Bahe
Membership Secretary: J. Luk
Publications Secretary: L. Witkowski
Social Secretary: P. Wong


Chairman: Y. Bahe (M 06, L 07)
Chairman: D. Bradley-Williams (E 06)
Secretary: A. Parker
Treasurer: M. Larkin (M 06, L 07)
Treasurer: Y. Bahe (E 06)
Obs. Secretary: N. Panchal
Obs. Secretary: W. Szlachta
Membership Secretary: S. Simic
Publications Secretary: S. French
Social Secretary: P. Wong


Chairman: R. Shaw
Secretary: J. Horder
Treasurer: T. Tan
Obs. Secretary: D. Trethewey
Membership Secretary: M. Preece
Publications Secretary: S. French
Social Secretary: A. Parker


Chairman: J. Horder
Secretary: D. Szwer
Treasurer: R. Tu
Obs. Secretary: D. Trethewey
Membership Secretary: S. Ulker
Publications Secretary: L. Harper-Clark
Social Secretary: M. Dobrowolski
General Member: A. Lea-Cox


Chairman: L. Harper-Clark
Secretary: D. Szwer
Treasurer: L. MacDonald
Obs. Secretary: A. Lea-Cox
Membership Secretary: S. Bohndiek
Publications Secretary: D. Trethewey
Social Secretary: A. Bargh


Chairman: S. Hill
Secretary: S. Clough
Treasurer: L. MacDonald
Obs. Secretary: D. Manning
Membership Secretary: I. Jendrzejewski
Publications Secretary: T. Tincani
Social Secretary: C. Lintott
General Member: D. Ford


Chairman: D. Ford
Secretary: J. Bowe
Treasurer: M. Evans
Obs. Secretary: C. Lintott
Membership Secretary: N. Draper
Publications Secretary: M. Evans
Social Secretary: S. Hill


Chairman: C. Lintott
Secretary: D. Ford
Treasurer: L. Lobo
Obs. Secretary: G. Coates
Membership Secretary: N. Draper
Publications Secretary: N. Franklin
Publicity / Venues: C. Burgess