Background Image Courtesy Hubble, Large Binocular Telescope, Subaru Telescope, Robert Gendler

2018-2019 Committee

Committee 2018-2019

2018-2019 committee from left to right: Harry, Dan, Hannah, James, Andrew

The executive committee is composed of university students and is responsible for the day to day running of the society. Please contact them if you have any questions. At the end of Lent term there is an opportunity to stand for next year's committee. If you are interested please contact a member of the committee

In order to protect the committee members from spam, the email addresses aren't written out completely on this page. Just add "" after the combination of letters and numbers given. If you encounter problems contacting the committee members, please contact the webmaster directly.

Chair:   Hannah Sanderson (hrs46), Jesus College

A second year studying physics. Her collection of astronomy themed t-shirts (one for every talk in Michaelmas term) made her a dead cert for the Chair position. Cold weather is her kryptonite and results in her wearing at least 6 layers to winter ObsNights (she manages with just 5 in summer). If you need to find her in the dark, look out for a Michelin man with a distinctive bobble hat (coming to a CUAS stash order soon!). Perhaps confusingly then, Hannah is also keen on running around a football pitch for the University second team throughout winter, despite the cold weather.

Secretary:   Andrew Sellek (ads79), Trinity College

A fourth year astrophysicist and world record holder for the fastest consumption of leftover juice at the end of talks. As the elder statesman with two previous years on the committee, Andrew knows a worryingly large amount about all aspects of the society - so much so his brain may be in breach of GDPR. If he misses an ObsNight, you’re probably guaranteed to see a supernova. If you stay long enough at a CUAS dinner you may get to hear him attempt to speak Spanish at you, whether you understand it or not. He is rumoured to always be wearing at least one item of stash. It remains to be seen if he can be more successful in managing not to edit Neptune this year.

Junior Treasurer:   James Rawson (jr743), Robinson College

A second year mathmo, his astrophotography skills, as showcased around the website, speak for themselves. As treasurer, the others have to keep an eye on him in case he diverts all of the society funds into the development of ‘cloud guns’ rather than post-talk doughnuts, which are equally ineffective at changing the weather, but much more fun to eat. The porters at Churchill college are getting increasingly worried about his lack of sleep, especially after he was once caught going observing twice in one night.

Observation Secretaries:

To contact the Observation Secretaries, please write to:

cuasobserv (at)

Harry Metrebian (rhkbm2), Trinity College

A fourth year mathmo and a keen observer—both of the stars and out of place punctuation– the only thing that can stop him is a glass (or 18) of Pimms at the end-of-year garden party. His ability to spot faint moons/galaxies/dwarf planets generally leaves everyone else baffled as they look down a seemingly empty eyepiece. Legend has it, his body clock is on lunar time so that he can make full use of the dark skies brought about by moonless nights.

Dan Mortimer (djm244), St Edmund's College

Now a second year PhD student working in optical interferometry in the Cavendish, Dan brings (hopefully) useful wisdom to the society. As a former founding member and two-time president of the astronomy society at his old university he has a bit of experience and a few stories to tell (ask him about the time, that, hours before the biggest talk of the year they no longer had a lecture room to host it in!). One of his favourite places is behind the camera, both during the day and at night so don’t be surprised if you find him up at the observatory trying to capture another galaxy or star cluster! When not observing in Cambridge, he is often at conferences or international astronomy camps, enjoying far better skies and making the rest of us jealous with his observations.

CUAS also has a senior committee consisting of a President and Senior Treasurer who are Mike Irwin and Jonathan Shanklin respectively and oversee the actions of the society.


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Photo Credit

The photo of the Ring Nebula is courtesy Astronomy Picture of the Day/Hubble Space telescope/Large Binocular Telescope/Subaru telescope/Robert Gendler (source).