Background Image Courtesy Hubble, Large Binocular Telescope, Subaru Telescope, Robert Gendler

2020-2021 Committee

Committee 2020-2021

2020-2021 committee from left to right: Tingjing Xing, Steve Shen, Ralph Battle, Oliver Normand, Hrachya Zakaryan, Pascal Keller, Calvin Preston, Joseph Thornton.

The executive committee is composed of university students and is responsible for the day to day running of the society. Please contact them if you have any questions. At the end of Lent term there is an opportunity to stand for next year's committee. If you are interested please contact a member of the committee

In order to protect the committee members from spam, the email addresses aren't written out completely on this page. Just add "" after the combination of letters and numbers given. If you encounter problems contacting the committee members, please contact the webmaster directly.

Chair:   Hrachya Zakaryan (hz361)

A second-year physicist. Missed only one talk throughout the year and for some unknown reason would always arrive half an hour early, before even the speakers. Unfortunately, didn't have the chance to use the Northumberland telescope in the first year due to staying half an hour bike ride away, hopefully that will change this year. Outside of CUAS, he can often be found aimlessly walking around town, or the botanic gardens.

Secretary and Webmaster:   Oliver Normand (ocn22), Jesus College

A third year physicist and apparently still an astronomer. His attendance at talks became more regular if significantly less punctual throughout his first year, although he could reliably be found finishing the flapjacks at the ends of talks whether he had attended or not. He has an irrational enjoyment of operating the Northumberland telescope (who doesn't??) although too often his nights observing are made difficult by the presence of significant numbers of clouds and significantly fewer stars. When not attending to all things CUAS, he can be found sitting in a rowing boat while pretending to know what he is doing, wandering aimlessly around a remote Scottish hill or undertaking other diverting forms or procrastination.

Junior Treasurer and Membership Officer:   Calvin Preston (cp662), Robinson College

Having decided that astronomy is the path for him - he attended one talk and before he knew it had been gifted full financial control of the society. Despite the fact that his role has been significantly reduced by a certain virus (not naming names), he still remains confident that he cannot lose all the money in the upcoming financial year. Hope to see you at a talk soon!

Observation Secretaries:
To contact the Observation Secretaries, please write to: cuasobserv (at)

Ralph Battle (rb920)

Joseph Thornton (jdt50)

Steve Shen (zs351)

Events Officer:   Tingjing Xing (tx223), Murray Edwards College

A second-year physicist who has been in love with astronomy since she was ten. Her friends are often startled by her suddenly jumping in excitement and her pointing at the sky on a clear night. For some inexplicable reason, she is obsessed with Orion's Belt and the Southern Cross. As the events officer, she is now clueless about what kind of socially-distanced gatherings can be held during covid. With absolutely zero talent in sports, Tingjing often procrastinates by binging on animes or researching on her next travel destinations.

Publicity Officer:   Pascal Keller (pmk46), Clare Hall

Having come to Cambridge to study for his one-year MASt in Astrophysics, he was quickly noticed for his regular attendance at the weekly talks. The other CUAS members were daring enough to elect him into the committee, in spite of the uncertainty as to whether his studies would continue in Cambridge. Fortunately, he received a PhD offer from Cavendish Astrophysics, where he now works on analysis of data from a radio telescope called HERA. When on vacation, he becomes nocturnal, observing the night sky with binoculars and his own telescope. As publicity officer, he looks forward to advertising all the amazing talks and events that CUAS has to offer.

CUAS also has a senior committee consisting of a President and Senior Treasurer who are Mike Irwin and Jonathan Shanklin respectively and oversee the actions of the society.


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The photo of the Ring Nebula is courtesy Astronomy Picture of the Day/Hubble Space telescope/Large Binocular Telescope/Subaru telescope/Robert Gendler (source).