Background Image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


Members of CUAS, who are also members of the University, have the opportunity to use the historic telescopes and other equipment at the Institute of Astronomy. You will need an ObsCard to be able to sign out the keys for the telescopes. To get an ObsCard, you need to have attended two demonstrations (ObsDemos) - these will go through the steps of using the telescopes safely - and passed a simple test.

ObsDemos are held regularly by the Observation Secretaries (ObsSecs). Announcement of dates and times will be sent to our mailing list. If you wish to have an ObsDemo, but none are currently scheduled, email the ObsSecs. Members of CUAS who already have an ObsCard but have not used the telescopes for a while or are uncertain on the details are encouraged to attend an ObsDemo again.

Members of CUAS who are not members of the University should get in touch with the ObsSec.


The telescopes are delicate instruments; they are difficult and expensive to repair. Learning to use them and enjoy observing is easy, but care is needed. Read and use the ObsGuide, which gives step-by-step instructions. If there are any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact the ObsSec, Chair, or other committee members. Emergency details are provided on signs in the Northumberland Annexe.

Clear skies and happy observing!