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Founded in 1942, CUAS has a long and interesting history. Throughout the years, many famous astronomers have been associated with our society and indeed many CUAS members have become distinguished astronomers themselves. This website is part of an ongoing project to preserve the large archive of historic material of the society (mostly letters, event descriptions, observation records) and allow current members to enjoy and learn about the CUAS heritage. CUAS has an extensive archive, which is currently stored at the Institute of Astronomy. We are always grateful for further contributions to the archive from CUAS alumni. Some gems from the archive are shown below.

Poster for Patrick Moore talk 1979 Poster for Fred Hoyle talk
Poster for Arthur Eddington talk 1943
Publicity for some of CUAS' most illustrious speakers.
Interior of Northumberland 1983 Observing outside Northumberland in 1983
Observing in the 1980s
Snowman observing Alternative observing position
Alternative observing!
First ever CUAS termcard in 1943 Telegram on CUAS 20th birthday
First ever CUAS termcard and a telegram on CUAS 20th birthday.
Plans for 35th Annual Dinner Signed seating plan for 35th Annual Dinner
The Annual Dinner is a proud CUAS tradition - here is the plan and signed seating plan. Several people on the seating plan are still in contact with us today.
Observing advert Old newsletter from 1984
Before email, CUAS used newsletters and paper posters to communicate. Here is a poster for an observing evening and a newsletter from 1984.